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Shining A Light On Aging

Caregiving Through The Written Word

I boarded on the journey of writing this book out of a deep conviction that the elderly are silently pleading for help. In a world where the demand for elderly care is steadily rising, so too is the challenge of meeting their needs. My passion for writing, combined with my hands-on experience in caregiving, compelled me to share their narratives.

Being a writer transcends the battle with a blank page, though I must admit, there were moments when the page seemed to overpower me. I was brimming with thoughts, yet I grappled with where to start. I recognized the significance of each point I wanted to convey. In the realm of writing, attention to words is paramount; hence, I embraced the art with persistence as my guiding light.
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I firmly believe that within every individual resides an untold story—a tale that yearns to be heard. The weight of an unspoken narrative is profound. It was this realization that prompted me to engage with the elderly through interviews, driven by the fear that their stories might fade away with their passing. As their voices faded, I wanted to capture their essence, ensuring that their wisdom and experiences live on.

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